Wayside Elementary School Homes for Sale in Potomac MD

Wayside Elementary

Wayside Elementary School is located in Potomac, MD 20854. SchoolDigger ranks it the 8 th of 786 Maryland public elementary schools. During the 2012 school year Wayside’s Maryland School Assessment (MSA) average math score was 99.5 and average reading score was 99.6 which put the school in the 99.0% percentile in the state of MD. During the 2012 school year Wayside had 34.2 teachers and had a student/teacher ratio of 16. The 2012 student body had 560 students making up these demographics 55% White, 28.2% Asian, 6.4% African American, 5.9% two or more races, 4.3% Hispanic, and 0.2% American Indian. View Wayside Elementary homes and Potomac MD real estate now.

Wayside elementary school homes for sale

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