Typical Walk Through for Stevens Fine Homes & Wilmington Real Estate

Wonderful Experience Helping Pinkie Buy a Home in Leland NC

So I just did my walk through with Pinky her real name is Vivian and she is
closing next week on a Stevens Fine Homes in Leland NC North Carolina–a really special
lady.  That is one of the great things about being a realtor you meet such neat people each
with such unique stories and unique personalities that’s for sure. She is a grandmother
raising her grandson and I have much respect for Pinkie that’s for sure. She is also an
extreme Elvis fan. So I knew on the anniversary of Elvis’ death that she needed a phone
call from me of encouragement. Sure enough she was in Tennessee celebrating the anniversary of Elvis’ birthday. So you

can’t make this stuff up. It is great working with such great people but I will talk about the walk
through of the new home in Leland NC she bought. I found they had already marked it up with a couple of items they saw that
needed to be touched up with paints and what not and cleaning. I found one myself and I
did find a loose rail on the stairwell so they are going to add another–I don’t know what
you call it–a bracket at the very top and make sure that it is rock solid into the wall but
that is what I do as the realtor at walkthroughs. I look around for little issues that may
have been overlooked and it happens whether it is a 149,000 dollar house or a 2 million
dollar house; it happens because that’s just you know no one is perfect. So I found a
really good one for them to fix with that stairwell or the handrail and I am sure she is
going to appreciate that in the future of not hearing a clang against the wall.

It is amazing. Her rent was 1100 dollars a month. She is getting a brand new two story
home overlooking a gorgeous pond and woods and her monthly payment is going to be
900 dollars. She I believe only had to put 1000 dollars down–actually it was 100% financing. She has a 100% loan with
USDA loan. You know she is saving big bucks by owning a home and she gets a tax
credit besides. The way our market is in Wilmington North Carolina in Leland, Carolina
Beach, Kure Beach, etc. is it costs less to own a home in most price ranges so you know it is a
no brainer if you can pull it off and make it happen good chance I can help you get
financing if you have a decent credit or 620 or higher.

I do not sell homes but I am an
advocate, I have fiduciary duties, I look for issues in homes and I point out the red flags
to you when I show you homes or make you think outside the box or variables you had
not considered. You have to sell yourself a home though. I will just make sure that you
do not overpay and I will make sure that if there is a competing offer that we have a good
chance at beating that offer because I have negotiated 50 million dollars of real estate
contracts so I will put you in a good position you just have to deal with me [Inaudible]
[0:03:31] as often as I can even when it is cold outside because that is who I am. Alright
God bless and congratulations to Pinky for a fantastic house that saves her 200 dollars a
month for Leland, North Carolina in Grayson Park built by Stevens Fine Homes.

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