Things to know about a glass vessel sink

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You may be in a tizzy after deciding to give your bathroom a facelift. While there can be
enough excitement about this, the thought of expenses can make you dead worried about
your bank balance. Well, don't allow this to ruin your peaceful sleep at night. You have
many options to deal with it without being stressful. How? Start with small steps before
moving up to an overall overhaul. You can make small changes in your bathroom to achieve
the final look over time. For this, you can pick your sink area. Replacing a bathroom sink can
be a cost-effective approach to add freshness to your worn-out space.

You can come across innumerable options in this category. However, if you decide to give
your bathroom a trendy personality, you can focus on the varieties of vessel sinks. It is quite
popular and has been there in use since pre-historic times when running water was a luxury
found in only a handful of wealthy homes. Today, many American homes own it for its
gracious appeal and modern lines. If you disagree, you should pore over the extensive
range, consisting of an elegant glass sink and more. Although there are other materials, such
as ceramic and mineral composite, a glass bowl is still the most attractive.

If you proceed with the idea of sink replacement, consider transitioning to a glass sink. It has
multiple benefits for you to enjoy.

The advantages of choosing a glass bathroom sink

The one immediate difference that you can notice about your bathroom after installing this
basin is the size. It can help create an illusion of spaciousness in any small or cramped area.
The effect can be powerful if you opt for transparent glass material. Since it tends to have
less visibility, your bathroom vanity can suddenly gain prominence. Besides, most of these
models are countertop. So, when you place it on the countertop, the bathroom’s height also
takes an illusionary larger form.

Tall people find this to be the most comfortable option. Most of the other sinks are
undermount. Due to this, they have to bend over it a bit more to use it. However, a vessel
bowl sits atop the countertop, providing better and easy reach to them. It doesn’t mean
that short-height individuals will have a hard time with it. It is not so massive that they will
have to struggle to get smooth access.
If you wonder about its installation, you can take a sigh of relief in this area. It is easy to
install this basin. Drilling a hole in the vanity can be more than enough to fix it. You don’t
have to carry out any extensive plumbing work for its fitting. As a result, you can expect to
save money and time too.

Like some homeowners, you can be unwilling to put in effort in cleaning. From this
consideration also, the glass sink can seem to be the perfect selection. You can use a soft
soapy cloth with lukewarm water to quickly get rid of toothpaste and other stains. Just
make sure you don’t leave out its outside edges and body. In essence, once you make up your mind for a glass vessel sink, you don’t have to hold yourself back. Still, other surfaces are also there with a stunning and attractive look if you
can afford to spend time. You can explore them too for your satisfaction.

Points to consider before buying a glass sink

The intriguing glass sink varieties can be bewildering. The colors, textures, shapes, and
everything else can be too convincing to opt for one. However, you cannot pick it based on
its physical appeal just. You have to assess its performance amidst the bathroom ambiance
so that you don’t regret your decision. For this, you can consider a few aspects. For example,
since it is a glass base, you may think it will not survive long in a busy bathroom. But the
tempered options tend to be sturdy and durable. Since they have to undergo extreme heat
treatment, you can expect them to be five to seven times stronger than ordinary glass.
Besides, the glass’s thickness allows it to endure your daily habits, right from washing hands
to brushing teeth to grooming hair, etc.

You would need to know its size to understand whether your bathroom can allot one cozy
corner. Typically, these sinks can be anywhere from 14 to up to 25 inches long. So, even if
there is a space crunch, you can buy a smaller size. A small glass vessel sink can sit on a small
vanity without eating into much of floor space.

Make sure you don’t put it in your young children’s bathroom. Although a glass sink is not
fragile, you will still want to be extra careful with it. However, you don’t have to think twice
before installing it in your personal or guest’s bathroom.
In the end, there has to be some consideration of the budget. Some glass sinks can charge
you more for their design and textures. You have to identify one that does justice to your
wallet. If something looks too expensive, you can choose a more affordable piece because
even a simple glass sink can transform your bathroom’s overall feel and personality.
When it comes to buying an appliance, you cannot give its functional features a pass by
merely focusing on its physical appeal. You have to ensure that your bathroom has a
suitable plumbing environment for a glass sink to help it perform well while adding to the
aesthetic beauty of the design and décor. Otherwise, you may not enjoy even the most
attractive choice.

In stores, you get plenty of varieties. At the time of going through them, it would help if you
choose something based on your bathroom setup and overall color scheme. If you get an

ideal fit that can also transform the favorite corner of your space the way you desire, you
will be able to enjoy it more than anything else.

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