North Carolina Second Row Ocean view homes for sale

2nd row homes are in big demand in North Carolina on such beaches such as Sunset, Ocean Isle, Holden, Carolina, Kure, Wrightsville, Topsail, Surf City and North Topsail Beach.  Second row real estate often gives you excellent ocean views close enough to actually hear the waves crashing down.

One issue to consider when purchasing a second row home in Holden Beach are how close the nearest beach access point is.  Do you cross the street and go the beach or do you have to walk 1/8 of a mile for example?

Another item to consider besides the large price difference–you get a larger nicer home on the second row–is your  annual costs.  Instead of paying $7000 a year in flood insurance you may only pay $1500 on the 2nd row.

Rental income for second row home in North Carolina

So what is the deal on vacation rental income for 2nd row homes at the beaches?  An easy rule of thumb to use as starting point is that each room is worth $10,000 a year in rental income.  Pools can bump that up to $17,000 per room for example. Some of your best 2nd row views in the entire state are in Surf City.  A lot of the oceanfronts in Surf City are non-buildable so that the second row homes are pseudo oceanfront with humongous views and low flood insurance.

Summary of 2nd Row Homes for Sale NC


Carolina Beach 2nd row
Caswell Beach 2nd row
Holden Beach 2nd row
Kure Beach 2nd row
North Topsail Beach 2nd row
Ocean Isle Beach 2nd row
Surf City Beach 2nd row
Topsail Beach 2nd row
Wrightsville Beach 2nd row
Oak Island 2nd Row