What are Real Estate Taxes for Wilmington NC & Carolina Beach?


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Wilmington nc real estate taxes | Carolina & Kure Beach

One of the most common questions I get is what are the taxes for the Carolina Beach, Wilmington, Kure Beach and Wrightsville Beach.  So many folks moving here from the northeast are paying $1000/month in RE taxes.  Here they pay $100/month.  So they’re impressed by some lower monthly costs as they retire or look for jobs in the area.  The key is knowing where the city limit boundaries are as that can reduce one’s taxes by 30%.  When you’re talking about such low taxes in the first place a 30% difference is not dramatic.  But down below are some sample tax calculations based on the tax map boundaries.


Real estate taxes map boundaries for New Hanover County Wilmington


wilmington tax boundaries new hanover county



















Sample New Hanover County Tax Rates

So let’s take a $350,000 home in the Hoggard High school district.

Hoggard high school real estate taxes







$350,000/100 = 3500

3500 x .554 (new hanover county tax) + 3500 x .45 (city of wilmington tax) = $1939 (new hanover) + $1575 (city of Wilmington) = $3514

$3514/12 = $292.83 / month in real estate taxes.

So for a similar priced home outside of the Wilmington NC city limits the monthly cost would be $1939 (new hanover county) /12 =  $161.58.


Carolina Beach Real Estate Taxes

carolina beach real estate taxes






$350,000/100 = 3500 x .554 (new hanover county tax) + 3500 x .235 (town of Carolina Beach tax) = $1939 + 822.5 =  $2761.5 / 12 months = $230.13/month


And we can’t forget to add the unincorporated fire district tax .079 to the Wilmington homes outside the city limits.  Sorry about that.  3500 x .079 = $276.5 for the year added to the $1939 New Hanover county tax for $2215/12 = $184.58  an extra $20/month whether you burn your house down or not.

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