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This is a summary of the porters neck plantation homes in Wilmington NC real estate.  It includes foreclosures and short sales.

porters neck plantation home for sale The average price has only gone up 8% 2017-2020. Compare that with Landfall that has gone up 18%.  So Landfall is much hotter.  The Porters Neck Country Club has had major financial problems associated with Hurricane Florence damage as well.  The country club filed for bankruptcy protection. From WECT TV, “After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Porters Neck Country Club will remain open as usual and seeks to restructure the organization to emerge stronger as a club, officials said.” And average numbers of showings till under contract is 16 compared to Wilmington’s 11 and Landfall’s 12 showings. That is about 20% higher….

Porters Neck Plantation is sort of the step brother of landfall homes. it does not get as much respect but it is highly acclaimed and has an excellent reputation. It is a country club neighborhood with a premier golf course and a fantastic Country Club .It is also a water access Community which puts it a step up over landfall if Deep water is your thing or you want to have a boat slip home without having to pay $3000000 lol.  Landfall does not have boat slips available in the neighborhood or Marina. Just a handful of homes have them and that was the agreement when landfall was given some sort of approval with conservation efforts behind the scenes that affected the whole agreement form for the developer Etc.– pretty pathetic– but anyway Porters Neck Plantation does have water and deep water and a lot of Wilmington homes with boat slips that are Waterfront they have had some major problems with the country club because of damage from severe weather and then battles with the insurance company over funding the repairs. So they’re in the middle of some painful stuff over there that does not reflect badly on the neighborhood itself though. Keep that in mind it is a winning neighborhood for sure it has its own Ambiance that is different than landfall’s and you should definitely check both neighborhoods out.

some sample porters neck plantation homes

I wanted to go over some market data today for porters neck plantation homes. This is often considered the alternative community or for many people the preferred community to landfall. Both of them are wonderful communities, gated communities, with all custom designed golf courses. In porters neck country club you have the Fazio golf courses and landfall you have of the Dye and Jack Nicklaus of golf

courses. It is worth nothing that the Porters Neck Country Club after several severe weather events such as Hurricae Florence, has filed for bankruptcy as of September 2019 even though they are open for business.

So how has porters neck plantation done this year? How have sales been? How are the prices

Doing and days on market? Let’s analyze all of that, and just real quick to start us off

there is some nice value in Porters Neck Plantation. Sometimes more so than Landfall and that’s another reason people are often leaning that direction, but both communities are wonderful. I do not want to push one more than the other. So let me show you a typical listing Porters Neck Plantation. This listing here at Futch Creek backs to the marsh area with a wonderful view from the back side of the house. And it’s listed right now for $600,000. Now that’s an amazing home 5 bedrooms 4th baths and on the backside you have excuse me, this kind of view and wildlife that you can listen to as you relax in the evening. Just a wonderful

way to live.

So Let’s just go over some of the hard data for Porters Neck Plantation and see what kind

of year they are having. Those of you who have followed this blog know that Wilmington

North Carolina real estate experienced somewhat of a boom this year as of 2012, and you have sales up dramatically. I call it a mini-boom; that’s exactly what happened in Wilmington. And how does that compare to particular neighborhoods so we’re going to look at that right now. First of all right here let me push this to the middle the page. You have the 28411 zip code. This is the zip code for Porters Neck Plantation. And you can see that the upper quartile price bracket has gone that much since January. It is a significant increase. And then the very next price quartile really is a whole different range like $350,000 and that’s because porters neck plantation along with figure 8 Island have considerably higher-priced properties. Many of them t back to the intracoastal waterway known as the ICW or back to creeks and marshes. But my point is Porters Neck Plantation is part of that higher price bracket with listings inside the neighborhood that can be in the one and $2 million dollar range. So the fact that you have the top quartile going up in value Porters Neck Plantation is part of that trend.

Active Porters Neck Plantation homes

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