North Topsail Beach oceanfront homes condos

North Topsail beach oceanfront homes for sale is a unique beach -aren’t they all!–with more space between much of the homes than other beaches.  It has far fewer 2nd row homes as well due to the geography.  A few of the condos on the island include St. Moritz, St Regis & Villa Capriani.  The latter 2 are condotels that are like resorts.  Almost 100% used as vacation rentals.  More on their nuances and HOA fees later.  The beach is very undeveloped in terms of retail space and that is one of the main reasons buyers love it.  It is much less “busy” here compared to other beaches, and there is much more space between most of the homes.  On the north end of the island there are major erosion issue though and you need a realtor that can guide you in all these hyperlocal matters.

Market Data for North  Topsail Oceanfront homes 2021

As you can see in recent years home values for the oceanfront niche are up 20% for example.  The increases in home values are also strong for the second row homes in North Topsail Beach.  If one cannot afford oceanfront often there is great value on the second row beach homes in North Carolina.  The rental income is excellent here. My theory is that the people with money from the northeast such as Fairfax, VA would much rather drive to North Topsail and stop versus driving another 1 and a half to Oak Island NC for example.



North Topsail Beach real estate listings below

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