New Construction New Homes Kure Beach

This is a summary of new homes for sale in Kure Beach also known as new construction.  In 2019 there were 13 new homes built in Kure.  Most of the homes are around 600,000 with 4 bedrooms. It is rare to have a new home under 500,000 now so that ship has already sailed.  About half of the are ocean view homes FYI.  These tips on Kure Beach new construction are generic.

Rental Income for new Kure Beach

new construction kure beach


As far as Investments are concerned new construction homes in Kure Beach generally will gross about $35,000 on the second row if they have three bedrooms. a four-bedroom home on the second row would gross 45000 + and a 5 bedroom $55,000. Of course having a swimming pool but add another 20% to these rental values for example.