New Homes for Sale in Leland NC New Construction Real Estate

This is a summary of new homes for sale in Leland North Carolina including Brunswick Forest, Compass Pointe, and The Bluffs on the Cape Fear.

So for years people would just buy their new homes in Wilmington they were very affordable, Etc. And you had a lot of convenience for buying there but gradually the home prices went up and it became more effective for the developers to build large, shiny new neighborhoods on the other side of the river in Leland, North Carolina in Brunswick County. And there they also started adding to the highway system and Highway 140 was completed which helps bypass a ton of traffic when you’re traveling in the greater Wilmington area and some of the neighborhoods were connected with other major roads as well to help avoid traffic the bottom line is living in Leland where everything is shiny and new has its advantages and it has far less traffic than Wilmington for the same price you get a brand new home and that makes Leland homes for sale the Fantastic deal.


Sample of several new homes in Leland

Active Leland New Homes Listings