Inside the Brunswick Forest Cape Fear Crossing Issue

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Cape Fear Crossing–Brunswick Forest or not?

we’re talking a very long term issue with the Cape Fear Crossing in Brunswick County video but


the challenge is we don’t know which


route they’re going to select and if


they take alternative tea it is going to


impact a small portion of runs weak


force and also homes in Mallory Creek


plantation and that’s something current


buyers that probably buyers from the


previous five or ten years should have


been privy to with this fluid


information and stuff involving the


state it’s really hard for local people


to keep up with and to be known to know


about . This Cape Fear crossing issue is not facing Porters Neck Plantation homes

so I see that as my role as a


Realtor to put it out there and to make


sure people are fully informed of all


the decisions they’re making now let me


see if there’s some last-minute notes to


make on this before I wrap it up my


plans of 65 percent complete can the


NCOs start freezing property use so


until then


NCI will keep crunching figures looking


decades ahead in the meantime businesses


and homes are being built at an


accelerated pace as a potential strategy


for developers looking to make a route


through their property less attractive


this is according to this piece by


public outcry etcetera to force them


into alternative in our alternative M


that’s a pretty intense strategy I don’t


know if that’s going on whatsoever


legally and strategically I could see


why the developer would do that here’s


what I will say one I would still buy


homes and Brunswick forest


it’s unbelievable neighborhood I would


just be careful on where you buy in the


neighborhood – since this is still 10


maybe even 15 years out you just have to


follow the issue and be aware


dates on it three I believe it is the


ethical thing for NCAA in the state to


choose alternative mrn or the others


because of the principles involved here


and that is freedom and liberty you have


people who have saved their whole lives


who pay taxes their whole lives we’ve


worked hard they’re all lies men


responsible citizens so they could


finally retire in a premier neighborhood


in the country Brunswick Forest and also


Mallory Creek plantation is very classy


neighborhood that serves people well and


it is unbelievable the idea of


displacing any of them or building a big


Road 300 feet away from their home where


they can hear white noise or have to see


it etc that that’s just unfathomable and


completely unethical and unacceptable


and everyone whether they live in their


neighborhood or anywhere on the


southeast North Carolina should raise


Cain about it and and contact


representives about it and be squeaky


wheels about it this should not happen


it should not go through these


neighborhoods period because that’s


wrong it cost hundreds of millions of


extra to do going around so be it that’s


life and the state needs to deal with it


versus treating people horribly and


unethically – if alternative tea was


selected personally I don’t think it


will be because by the time it gets


there there’s going to be thousands of


more homes built and a number of them


will be over in those sections of


Brunswick County


if alternative tea was selected by the


powers that be I believe the proper use


of eminent domain anywhere and I think


there should be a federal law about this


which is a big statement for me because


I’m very libertarian


is that it should be required by the


state to pay each owner double their


property value market value to take over


their home that way new owner can


seamlessly painlessly move over into


another home exactly in the same


neighborhood that they wanted to live in


and had been living in they should pay


double the market value that should be a


mall the state should not be allowed to


take people’s homes without making it as


painless and doable as possible for the


homeowners so there you go that’s what I


know about the caper crossing going into


Wellington that has been proposed by the


North Carolina Department of


Transportation and that’s how it would


impact Brunswick forest a Mallory Creek


plantation and affect those streets off


to the right or to the east of the


Lillibridge area there’s a certain area


of Brunswick force that would be


impacted potentially hopefully it won’t


be and stay tuned for updates for me


contact me directly to see homes in the


area I work a lot with out-of-town


vacation rental buyers or people


retiring to Brunswick Forest or compass


point or Magnolia Green’s etc I work a


lot with people that want to retire and


be by the golf courses etc I would love


to show you homes as a buyer agent


generally I do get an extra two to three


percent off the average sold the list


price ratio I’m a very intense


personality and negotiator London in


Northern Virginia and the wealthiest


County in America Fairfax County


Arlington County Washington DC and I


brought those skills down with me down


here I look forward to helping you in


real estate bye bye

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