Kure Beach Oceanfront Homes

This is a summary of the Fort Fisher Blvd Oceanfront homes for sale that are usually oceanfront Kure Beach real estate.  The lots for sale there are usually $600,000 and 2nd row lots without ocean views are about $200,000.  At that link above there is a Kure Beach real estate blog with a lot more articles.  The average sold price of the last 10 oceanfront fort fisher homes sold is about $900,000.   Last year 6 of these homes sold so opportunities are rare.  If the home fits pretty well, don’t lose the opportunity.  You can always “make the home your own.”

So what is the latest with the Kure Beach Market how fast do homes sell? what is going on? what is the demand level? what is the vibe? See below for input on that….

Priced out of Kure Beach Market?

Recently I wrote about getting priced out of the Kure Beach market and how one client bought 7 years out and started renting his home out until he can move into it.  The home he got for 398,000 will probably be worth 500,000 in 7 years no problem as our boom has started again.  We’re headed back up the peak prices of 2008.  Actually his home is already worth $500,000 LOL I’m under contract on a similar size home 2nd row for $520,000.

1 Warning for Kure

Often people are attracted to the low prices of Ocean Dunes condo in Kure Beach.  The behind the scenes issue is bad management at some point in the past has the condo in a bad position. The annual fees there are about $12,000.  That’s why the condo’s prices are so low.  Better investment properties are in the Carolina Beach Oceanfront condo market next door.


days on market for Kure beach homes for sale

How’s the Kure Beach Market and Prices in 2021?

 I’ve written 2 contract the past 2 months in Kure and I’m under contract on two different homes in Kure Beach right now: the oceanfront riggings condo and a second row homes for sale in Kure Beach both of them had multiple offers so it is a very robust market, and your agent needs to know what they’re doing to help you win. But real quick for some perspective since 2012 the values in Kure have gone up 27%. Now if you look at the past two years it looks like very minimal activity, but in the big picture going back seven years it has been a significant and healthy appreciation. The same situation applies to days on Market. In the last two years days of Market have been very steady. But if you look at the big picture and go back to 2012 to 2019 the average time to sell a Kure beach house is 49% lower than it used to be. Now it takes a hundred and twenty eight days on average to sell Kure beach home as opposed to 250 days before. so the real estate market is very solid and if you’re looking for Ocean View Homes or ocean front homes, etcetera you should definitely talk to me.


typical kure beac ocean front home
Kure beach ocean front home


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