When is Best Time to Buy Clarendon Condo?

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Timing the Clarendon Condo Market in Arlington

Hi. I’m Jay Seville, the owner of JustNewListings.com, realty in Ballston condos, the
Urban Village of Arlington Virginia. Real quick, I wanting to address the subject that I think I
wrote about 10 years ago and for 10 plus years, Google has – had it for page one search results
for a long time. When is the best time to sell a home? And that article got me many, many
thousands of clicks, probably tens of thousands of clicks since it was written around ‘05. I don’t
think I write on the top page for it anymore. I never intended to. But the subject is robbed and
it’s been a long time since I addressed it. So, if you’re thinking about buying a Clarendon condo
for sale in Arlington, Virginia, when is the best time to buy? Well, number one, let me say, you
should buy when you need to buy because everyone’s life, circumstances, and needs, and
situations are very unique.
Often, things are time-sensitive and you just have to make a move when you have to make a
move. In an ideal world, if you could pick the best possible time to buy them, when would it be
and why would it be for buying an Arlington, Virginia condo? Generally, in Arlington, Virginia
it’s pretty simple, prices in the market really slow down dramatically by the end of the summer
and they stayed down and slide through the winter and then they start back up again in our world
famous spring market. So here you go. Let’s go back here. I’m looking at  Old Town Alexandria and
Fairfax, Virginia, for example. You go back here to the end of 2014. You see the price is sliding
down here. Then you go here to 2015 in July, August price is sliding down until February. And
you move over here to 2016, same thing, here’s July in the summer. And it stopped actually
before the end of the year. So it ended soon and the spring market kicked early in 2017.

Clarendon condos

Clarendon condos

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